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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Professor da EEFE-USP; Praticante e Pesquisador de Judô; Preparador físico de atletas de modalidades esportivas de combate.

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quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

Associações de pesquisa em Esportes de Combate

Para quem quer encontrar material sobre modalidades específicas ou fazer parte de associações de pesquisa com foco nas modalidades esportivas de combate, algumas sugestões abaixo:
(1) International Association of Judo Researchers
com resumos de diversos trabalhos sobre a modalidade:
(2) International Network of Wrestling Research
destaque para a lista anual de pesquisas realizadas sobre a modalidade. Aqui vocês encontram uma lista de trabalhos publicados em 2009:
(3) Taekwondo Interest Group
Acabo de receber uma mensagem do Dr. Willy Pieter (certamente pesquisador com maior e melhor produção sobre TKD no mundo) sobre a criação desse grupo de interesse.
Confiram os detalhes abaixo:
Taekwondo Interest Group
Following the formation of the International Association of Judo Researchers in 2006, the ACSM Combat Sports Interest Group in 2007 and the International Network of Wrestling Researchers earlier this year, we would like to propose a Taekwondo Interest Group. We believe that such an organization can provide much-needed scientific support to our sport. It will also enable us to collaborate and advance knowledge in a more streamlined manner than would otherwise be achievable. Similar to other scientific organizations, we anticipate a regular international scientific meeting that brings together a larger group than was hitherto possible. For instance, at one point in time, one of us (WP) was invited to be a speaker at three different international scientific meetings that all claimed to be the first international taekwondo conference or symposium.

A specialized interest group will also make it possible to create a database of taekwondo-related research publications for open access. As we have all experienced in one way or another, there is currently limited access to places where we can search for scientific or scholarly articles on taekwondo. The continuation of this resource would be a plus for the development and expansion of taekwondo around the world. It would also be a valuable resource providing important, practical information to teachers, coaches, referees, officials, athletes, and administrators.

The aims of the Taekwondo Interest Group are to facilitate the development of taekwondo through international cooperation and to support taekwondo-related research and education.

Proposed Objectives are to
♦Identify taekwondo researchers and scientists around the world.
♦Create opportunities for researchers to connect and share ideas through a communication
♦Improve the availability of research-related sources.
♦Encourage and support taekwondo-related educational activities.
♦Support and facilitate taekwondo teaching and coaching methods.
♦Work collaboratively and explore partnerships with other organizations and programs that
may benefit from the intellectual resources of the Taekwondo Interest Group.
♦Encourage and support taekwondo-related activities between students and researchers.

Interested individuals are requested to complete an application form containing contact details and research interests (see below). We are sharing this proposal with our network of contacts throughout the world and hope that they, in turn, will share it with their colleagues and other appropriate scholars.

Membership is open to those who have a major qualification in an academic discipline and who show evidence of interest in taekwondo-related research. Undergraduate and graduate students who are studying or carrying out research in the area of taekwondo are also encouraged to register.

Please complete the following information request and return to us.

Mailing address:
Current areas of interest:
Completed taekwondo research:
(If possible attach your picture)

Please share this with colleagues who should be on our mailing List!

Willy Pieter
Current areas of interest:
Multi-factorial modeling of taekwondo performance
Epidemiology and multi-dimensional modeling of taekwondo injuries

Craig Bridge
Current areas of interest:
- Physiological and hormone responses of taekwondo training and competition
- Time-motion analysis of taekwondo
- Development of taekwondo -specific testing protocols

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