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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Professor da EEFE-USP; Praticante e Pesquisador de Judô; Preparador físico de atletas de modalidades esportivas de combate.

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segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

Evento em Portugal

Viseu – Portugal
13th - 15th May 2011

1st Announcement
The 2011 edition of the Scientific Congress on Martial Arts and Combat Sports (SCMACS) will take place on 13h 14th and 15th May 2011 in Viseu (Portugal). The organizing committee of this event fully believes that this initiative will provide a valuable opportunity to promote, enlarge and strengthen the scientific community gathered around martial arts and combat sports.
The central issue of this Congress is the scientific interpretation of actions in broader contexts as Martial Arts (MA), Combat Sports (CS) or Self-Defence (SD), in relation to objectives usually associated with human development (health, education and well-being).
Participation in this congress should be as wide as possible. Instructors education and training, aiming at the development of skills throughout Polytechnic and University higher education study cycles, is a clearly medium-/long-term fundamental objective on the world, with a growing presence in the markets of physical activity (health, well-being and fitness), sports (from education to sport practice) and school physical education (given the eclectic, inclusive and multilateral context of this school subject). This trajectory, however, should be followed in connection with research developed and practice in scientific centres.
We firmly believe researchers, as well as undergraduate and post-graduate students (covering the levels of bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D.), in the field of martial arts and combat sports, will be ready to present their research and share the richness of their experiences. This will surely contribute to strengthening this scientific community, which is growing and acquiring importance as a forum for the social development of Sports and Education at the European level and even worldwide, given its multicultural nature (East/West), usually more explored in non-scientific contexts.
In this way, we challenge all cultural and scientific organisations, particularly higher education and research institutions developing scientific activities related to the field in question, as well as federations with public usefulness purposes in the scope of martial arts and combat sports, to disseminate this information among potentially interested researchers, educators and practitioners, stimulating them to participate in this event as speakers and poster presenters. All committed communities of technicians and advanced practitioners of martial arts and combat sports will certainly be interested in participating in this congress and they can expect full support from us to do it.
The Congress is a non-profit event and no speaker fees will be paid by the organising committee. However, efforts will be carried out to cover foreign guest speakers’ logistic expenses (through registration fees funding). Any eventual profit will be invested in the publication of the congress proceedings.
The financial management of this first edition may count on the professional support provided by ADIV (Viseu’s Association for Development and Research), which is integrated in the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, the higher education institution assuming the coordination of this congress, specifically through its School of Education .
Welcome to Viseu - Portugal!
Abel Figueiredo

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